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37G All Natural Ocean Spray Sea Salt Soap

37G All Natural Ocean Spray Sea Salt Soap

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This ONO soap is made of olive oil, coconut oil and sea salt.  It is potentially relaxing.  It can potentially heal dry and itchy skin and facilitate the healing of minor cuts and wounds.  It is also potentially effective against acne and pimples.  Comes in bars of 37 grams.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Ingredients.  ONO Ocean Spray Salt Bar soap is made of olive oil, coconut oil, and rock sea salt.

    Direct Benefit.  The direct benefit of using this product is that, because it is all-natural and does not contain chemicals that can cause irritation or allergies, it is both healthy and earth-friendly.

    Potential Benefits from Active Ingredients.  Sea salt removes dirt and toxins from the body, and in the process creates a soothing and relaxing effect.

    Sea salt is also healing. A bath in sea water relieves dry and itchy skin, cures conditions like eczema and psoriasis,

    and facilitates the quick healing of minor cuts and wounds.  It facilitates quick healing by opening up the pores, improving circulation, and hydrating the tissue.

    It can also kill acne bacteria by dehydrating it thru osmosis and is therefore effective against acne and pimples.

    Salt water is also a natural astringent.  It causes skin to contract, helping push dead skin cells, oil and bacteria out of our pores.

    Use.  This soap is safe for daily use, both for the face and for the body.

    Safety Check. This soap is safe for use by children at least 2 years old, and is safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.  It may be used on children under 2 years old but only if the child has a skin problem that will probably benefit from the active ingredients of the soap. When doing so, use should be limited to the affected area only.

    The All-Natural Guarantee.  Like our other ONO products, this soap does not contain artificial fragrances, artificial colours, hardeners, or any other artificial additives.  It is completely all-natural and is entirely handmade.

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